Success stories from our clients at Shenandoah Valley Home Health.



Working on endurance, standing tolerance, balance and completing laundry to maximize independence and safety.


Increased range of motion

This patient has decreased range of motion and strength in her right upper extremity. We are completing what I call Wall Walks to help increase that range of motion. One of her goals is to be able to independently braid her hair and complete other functional tasks throughout the day.


Balance and endurance

We are getting water from the sink to water flowers in the apartment. For that task, we are working on standing balance and endurance with item retrieval. The goal is to increase standing balance and endurance for functional tasks within the apartment and to maximize safety and Independence.


Meal prep

We are working on meal prep. This begins with working on standing balance and endurance with item retrieval from the cabinets and the refrigerator to be able to meal prep safely. One of the patient’s goals is to be able to meal prep safely and to maximize Independence and safely with the functional tasks.


Working on fine motor kills

She has difficulty using her right arm due to a stroke and prior decrease range of motion problems. This includes decreased flexion in the thumb and first digit. She was also not able to grasp items or feed herself with her right hand. To combat this, we are working on fine motor skills and strengthening using theraputty. Initially she could not complete this task due to decreased flexion of her thumb and index fingers, but in our later sessions she was able to do it independently and had gained enough strength in that right hand that she was beginning to assist with feeding herself and completing other functional tasks.


Strength and safety

We are on the nustep. We completed a transfer to the nustep with assistance. Currently, we are working on increased endurance and upper extremity strength to maximize safety and independence with her transfers and other functional tasks.