Shenandoah Valley Home Health provides a variety of services to help you recover and regain your independence. Part of that goal is to help you learn about your disease process, medications, potential complications and the importance of you being involved in your own health care.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Wound Care & Wound Vacuum
  • Laboratory Specimen Collection
  • Pain Management
  • Urinary Catheter Management
  • Disease Management
  • Diabetic Teaching
  • Medication Management
  • Vestibular Training
  • Mobility Training
  • Seating and Positioning
  • Home Safety and DME


Service FAQs

Who is qualified for home health services?
Anyone recovering from a surgery, illness or fall who requires medical care or assistance in learning to live with a new or premorbid diagnosis.

Who can refer you to our services?
You can be referred to our agency by your doctor, family, friends or even yourself. Nursing homes, hospitals and rehab units may also refer you.

What will insurance pay?
Your insurance may provide complete or partial payment. Shenandoah Valley Home Health will explain your coverage and will bill your insurance directly.

We accept:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Commercial insurance
  • Private pay
  • Humana

Upon referral to Shenandoah Valley Home Health, we will work closely with family members, hospitals, physicians and other members of the medical team to develop the home care plan that will best meet your needs. We will work together to provide
“The care you need for the life you want.”